Author Guidelines




  1. The manuscript resulting from the study of the last three years has not been published in any media, and there are no indications of plagiarism.

  2. Indonesian or English manuscript. Writing length: 4000–15000 words; A4 paper size; single spaced; aligned right–left (justify paragraph); font: Times New Roman. Title font: 14pt bold, center aligned. Abstract 11pt, body font 12pt, subtitle bold.

  3. Foreign and regional language terms (except names) are written in Italic.

  4. Writing systematics, citation techniques, and bibliography writing techniques can be seen in more detail in the Jurnal Budaya Etnika Style in the writing template.

  5. The bibliography is written in alphabetical order, following the rules of the American Psychological Association (APA) style 6th edition.

  6. The bibliography only contains the literature referred to in the article.

  7. Journal articles should cite minimal 2 articles in the previous issue of the Jurnal Budaya Etnika.

  8. Reference sources are prioritized based on the latest journal sources published in the last 5 years and books published in the last 10 years.

  9. Photos or images must be accompanied by information about the source and the year they were taken.

  10. Manuscripts are sent online via OJS Jurnal Budaya Etnika by first registering and then sending them via editorial email.

  11. Authors are required to follow the publication flow of the Jurnal Budaya Etnika until completion as a condition for publishing the manuscript. Before being reviewed by editors and reviewers, the manuscript will go through a plagiarism check.