Journal History

The Journal of Panggung (Art and Culture Journal) was first published in 1997, then based on field findings and the development of the scaled areas was revised in 2007, based on the 2006 instrument, Permendiknas No 67 and 68 of 2009, was further refined based on the 2011 assessment instrument Consists of: 9 Aspects, 42 Variables, and 122 indicators.

The Journal of Panggung is the involvement of experts (bestari partners) in accordance with the field of science covered in the journal of Panggung; The expert of the science comes from outside the environment itself; The number of article writers comes from outside the environment itself; The distribution of regularly published journals has reached all over Indonesia; Every article published in the journal is of good quality; The prints have a standard quality.

A scientific journal is a publication published periodically by a professional organization or academic institution containing articles that are products of empirical scientific thought (research articles) or logically (thought-provoking articles) in a particular field of knowledge. In addition to articles of research and / or articles of thought, scientific journals may also include: (a) Articles of Review; (B) New Book Review; (C) Obituaries; (D) Ads (separate origins and no page numbers).

Periodic eligibility criteria Journal of Panggung. Journal of Panggung is a Journal of Arts & Culture Journal which publishes the potential result of manuscript resources which always exist from: Thesis, Thesis, Dissertation, Lecturer Research Results, and Papers presented in workshops, seminars, workshops, symposia, and other meetings. The Stage Journal is published by UPT Publishing STSI Bandung (Sunan Ambu STSI STSI Press). ISSN: 0854-3429. Stage Journal was first published in 1990, to date has published 92 (ninety two) editions. Frequency of issuance of Stage Journal in 1 year as much as 4 (four) edition (published every three months). Number of threads Journal Stage each time published 300 copies. The number of Stage Journals articles is consistent each edition there are 9 (Nine) articles. Journal Accreditation The last stage is valid until December 12, 2017.